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First alpha of OAuth Connector released

A module I’ve been working on for a while is OAuth Connector – a module that enables a Drupal site to easily let their users log in through OAuth API:s like Twitter’s.

A short screencast of how it works:

Over a year ago we needed Facebook Connect for one of our projects. Looking at the existing alternatives at the time and testing a few of them I came to the conclusion that none was very good and, most importantly, they had nothing in common with each other or with modules offering one click logins through other services like Twitter.

I wanted a flexible system that while only providing Facebook Connect then could grow and support more services in the future without the need for any massive recoding. I built the Connector module to provide a unified API for establishing connections with third party sites, but waited to release it on until I had a second connector in order to stabilize the Connector API – and that connector is now done.

The OAuth Connector is the first connector module released on It provides an admin page where specifications of OAuth API:s can be added, enabling both big sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and small like your own Drupal site (using the OAuth Login Provider module) to be used to log in to your site.

The Connector module exposes the connectors as buttons in a block. When signing in through one for the first time it creates a user which name and avatar is imported and later kept in sync.

The core functionality of the Connector module is connections – letting people authenticate with third party sites to establish connections and to import some very basic essential data about the user. It leaves all other functionality for other modules to extend it with.

I will explain further how an OAuth API is added in an upcoming blog post.



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